How I Lost 15 Kg In A Month BY Following These Easy Steps..

I am 28 and work as a regulatory affairs professional in San Francisco

In May 2021, I weighed 73 kilos.

My office is half an hour away from my house. When I take the local train, I prefer to stand for 30 minutes of the journey.

Some time in May 2019, I realised that I couldn’t stand for 30 minutes and got tired easily.

I also felt out of breath if I walked a little.

That’s when I decided to focus on my health and change my food and lifestyle.

I started walking 2 km a day, slowly reaching 10,000 steps.

At the end of two months, I lost 15 kilos.


I used to avoid a meal three times in a day because my basal metabolic rate is low.

I realised I don’t need to eat three times food in a day.

I followed intermittent fasting (16:8 food eating window) and my body responded very well. It helped me to lose maximum weight in short period of time.

Later, I switched to healthier, portioned, meals.

  • Breakfast: 2-3 boiled eggs or poha, idli
  • Lunch: 3 chapatis with mixed sabzi with a fruit salad.
  • Dinner: 2 rotisabzi and one bowl of yoghurt and a moderate amount of rice.
  • Pre-workout meal: A handful of almonds and walnuts.
  • Post-workout meal: Two boiled eggs or sometimes milk.



  • Workout

When I started, I walked 2 km for the first few days.

Later on, I gathered speed and walked 5 km or 10,000 steps each day, either in the morning or evening and sometimes twice a day.

I decided to have only homemade food. I gave up junk, oily food and stopped ordering from outside. I switched to vegetarian food for 60 days.

I used to check my weight twice a week;

Lessons learned

I realised that diet is a very important factor in weight loss. Hence, I focused on food intake and obviously, consistency in my workout.

During the initial 60 days, I didn’t miss my workout for a single day.

My biggest motivation was the difference in my physique.

Whenever I saw myself in the mirror, I got charged up to sweat more and lose weight.

I have realised that consistency is the key.

When we are in a consistent zone, nothing can stop us to achieve our goal.

If you are patient, disciplined and work hard, you can accomplish anything.

Going forward, I would like to have a toned body with a very low-fat level.



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