Special OPS 1.5 Webseries Review – Himmat Singh

Special OPS

So today we are going to review the recently released web series Special ops 1.5 on Disney Plus Hotstar which is a sequel + prequel of Special ops web series and in this web series we see Kay Kay Menon in the main role which is undoubtedly a very good actor. And his acting is appreciated as much as he has tried to give his hundred percent in this web series, he is playing the character of Himmat Singh Naam, who is the head of the task force to stop terrorist attacks on India. And his character suits him very much.

Special Ops 1.5 Review

So some time ago I finished watching this web series, actually, this is the second season of this web series and it has about 4 episodes and 4 episodes go on so fast that it is not known when it is over but in this web series There is no answer to the acting of all the people who have acted, everyone’s acting was very good and this story is connected with special ops and it keeps going on sometimes in the future and sometimes in the past.

By the way, the background music and dialogue of this web series are very good, every dialogue is written very well and every dialogue suits every character very much, so then some things are good in it and some things I like. Didn’t come as the story moves very fast and that’s why I am giving this web series a rating of Stars

I would recommend you that you have seen this web series but before that, you watch the first season of this web series than after that you will understand this web series and you can watch it on Disney Plus Hotstar

Special Ops 1.5 Cast

>Kay Kay Menon
>Karan Tacker
>Vinay Pathak
>Vipul Gupta
>Sajjad Delafrooz
>Muzamil Ibrahim


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