Again Green Goblin Snapped In Spiderman No way Home New Poster!!!


Green Goblin
Green Goblin

This picture of Spider-Man No Way Home was released yesterday by Sony Pictures, in which we see Doctor October as well as Spider-Man on the same bridge scene and as we know, in this scene we get a rise. The best fight of the film will be shown which will be called the break fight scene and when I saw this picture shortly after the release of this picture,

 I got to see something different which not many people would have noticed is that The car on which Spider-Man is parked in this picture has a shadow on the same car which is a 100% green goblin glider and I am pretty sure we will get to see green goblin in this picture as well. 

Last seen in 2002’s sam raimi’s version of spider man movie who dies at the end in the same movie but in this movie, we will get to see this character again due to the multiverse opening and the same universe in which he was dying Time he teleports into this universe and all this is well shown to us in the spider-man no way home movie 

Ya will go and this movie is going to be a very big movie for 1 year because crores of people are waiting very eagerly for this movie


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