Pushpa- The Rise Hindi Release Cancelled



Pushpa, the biggest film of Allu Arjun’s career, was about to be released pan India with Hindi in 5 languages ​​but now news is coming out that this movie will be released in only four languages ​​and they will not release Hindidubbed of this film in the cinema house,

This news is going viral on social media very fast and Hindi audience will not like this thing at all That because of which this film will not be released in Hindi and is it true that this film will be released or not, we will tell you, please read this article carefully and till the end,

Pushpa movie is being directed by well-known director of Telugu industry Sukumar and it is the biggest film of his career because it was about to be released pan India and but now there is a rumor that this film will not be released in Hindi language. If you go, let us tell you that this is absolutely wrong because there is only one month left for the release of this film and soon the promotion of this film is also going to start and its songs have also arrived, 

out of which 2 songs have been made in Hindi also. And Allu Arjun is more famous in the North than he is in the south, his Hindi dubbed films are watched daily by millions and millions of people and he has a different fan following in the North, if this film is released in Hindi then there is no doubt about it. Not that all the box office records will be broken easily.

 Just we would like to tell you that be a little patient and wait for its official statement because its release date is approaching and its trailer is also going to be released soon and this is a big opportunity for Allu Arjun at the box office. to create and he won’t let this chance go to waste


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